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Complete Process of Cleaning Hardwood Floors:

The whole process of cleaning hardwood floors involves a experts knowledge and the way to clean your floors without creating roughness on the surface and losing its shine. Our Richmond Hill hardwood flooring experts clean and finish so well that your hardwood floor looks like a new one. Following are the main steps that are followed by our Richmond Hill hardwood floors experts to clean your hardwood floors:

  • Hardwood floors are cleaned through vacuums so that loose dirt, dust and garbage on the floor could be removed properly.
  • Next step involves cleaning of your hardwood floor with our special equipments and solutions that will removes all stains, absorbed dirt and tough oil dirt. This also produces shine on your floor making it look like a new installation.
  • In the last step we offer you maintenance and repairing coat that will give a new look to your hardwood floors. This coating will prevent dirt and water getting absorbed on your floors for the next time.
  • It's usually suggested that the coat should be dried with our machine to prevent its removal and moisture absorption in maintenance coat while it is applied on surface.

Our new process of cleaning your hardwood floor will renew as well as revitalize it. Rather than thinking of repairing or reforming your hardwood floor by increasing your expenditures, our Richmond Hill hardwood flooring experts can solve your hardwood problems and provide you with the best services of cleaning and renewing of your hardwood floor.

Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning:

Over time your hardwood floors will start looking dull and faded because of wax that has formed a shell like layer on the surface. Our tools and solutions will help in removal of the white stored wax from your floors and provide you with better renewed floors.

  • Vacuum: Our power vacuum will remove all dust particles and traps air dust to reduce dust contact with your floors. Once a maintenance coat has been applied then dust will not absorb in your hardwood floors.
  • Deep Cleaning: We have a very professional way of cleaning hardwood floors deep form inside. Our fast moving brush with speedy rotary function enables dirt to expel out from floor. We use solutions and chemicals that polish dirt out of your hardwood floor, then a vacuum is created that removes unseen dirt and resistant dirt from your floor making it clean and hygienic for your use again. We have trained staff in Richmond Hill that professionally cleans your hardwood floors. These Richmond Hill hardwood floor experts remove dirt from tough areas by hand when it is difficult to reach in that area. As soon as we have cleaned the floor, we develop a sort of PH balance to your wood so that it repels absorbed dirt into it. These entire steps are carried out by our professional Richmond Hill hardwood flooring team that cares for your health and cleans in a way so that they don't leave any dust or odour after cleaning.


Our Richmond Hill hardwood flooring team don't just clean your hardwood floor but we also protect it from dirt and bacteria absorption. Our professional hardwood floor team will now apply and protect your hardwood floor to ensure safety of your floor. When the coat is fully absorbed in your floor then we dry the floor so that the coat sticks on your floor. This will increase shine as well as saves it from dirt.

Finishing Hardwood Floor:

We move a step ahead to provide you safe and clean hardwood floors as if it has been newly made. We apply finisher to give it new look that removes dryness and scratches from your hardwood floor resulting in vibrant shiny surface. A polish will be applied under our professional guidance that will be addition to your finishing. It leaves a long lasting impact of renewal and keeps it in this condition for many years.

Then we apply a maintenance and poly coat on your hardwood floor. It becomes effective in creating a barrier between water and dust and floor. Floor does not tend to absorb water or dirt as they do before the finishing process because wood absorbs water in itself but it will not after completion of this process.


It is very important to vacuum, clean and sweep floors regularly. Following things must be avoided that includes wax, industrial cleaners and oil soaps. These materials stops further cleaning of you hardwood floor. There must be rugs and mats used over hardwood floor and spills must be cleaned.


Our complete process of cleaning hardwood floors will protect your floors and ensures you that it will remain in its best condition for many years. While in case if your wood is varnished, then our expert Richmond Hill hardwood flooring team will suggest you to go for mechanical cleaning that removes accumulated soil from surface, and then it polishes and lastly goes for scuffing to maintain long lasting shine of your hardwood floors.

We provide hardwood refinishing services that give long lasting shine for many years and exerts a barrier on your floor that stops water and dirt contact with your hardwood floors. Our customers are our first priority and we always strive for the fullest satisfaction of our worthy clients.

So feel free to give us a call for your free Richmond Hill Hardwood Flooring estimate.

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"Upon moving into our new home in Richmond Hill, we called a number of different hardwood flooring companies to give us an estimate for installing new hardwood flooring with existing flooring so that it would all match. Not only was Wood Floor Polishing Inc the best price, but their work was so great. Thank you!!! Would highly reccomend to anyone."

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Hardwood floors are very complex to clean as they absorb dirt, bacteria and fungi deep into it. Wood Floor Polishing Inc. provides professional hardwood polishing services to anyone in need. It is very important that after cleaning the floor, it must be repaired, maintained and sealed so that no more dust and moisture can get deep into the floor.


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